This plan guarantees a specified amount (sum assured) for the remainder of a student's education should there be any death of a parent or education sponsor.

The plan Sponsor has the flexibility to chooses coverage and benefit level.


Basic Benefit

Death of a parent           

Optional Benefits

Permanent Disability

Hospital cover

Accidental death - double indemnity


Benefits of the Tuition Protection Plan

Reduces student dropout

Reduces family displacement

Designates the sponsor or parent as the primary beneficiary

Provides assistance to students in a time of  family hardship.

Protects the remaining non-delinquent scheduled payment plan


Employer  solutions plan

The employer  solutions package play a key role in the protection of employees their dependents in event of death. The plan eliminates the need for employees to contribute money for the unexpected death of an employee, spouse, parent or parent in-law

When we lose someone close to us, the last thing we want to deal with is raising money to pay for the funeral. Belonging to a group scheme that pays out cash within 48 hours  can take the worry out of providing family members with a proper funeral.

Variety—you decide how much coverage you need from the range of amounts

Flexibility—if your needs change, you can apply to change the amount of coverage

Expediency—premiums deducted directly from payroll.

Freedom of financial strife —comfort and satisfaction in knowing that you have done something positive for your family’s future.


 Group life and accidental coverage for Associations.

This member welfare scheme eliminates the need for other members of the association to pay burial levy when an association looses a member or their dependents.

The objective of a group life cover is to treat members and their dependents as part of an extended family and increase their sense of security.

The plan offers double indemnity if the death is caused by an accident.

The scheme can be on a voluntary basis as long 20% of members are covered under the scheme.

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