9ja4life is a Mobile Micro Life Insurance Product designed by United Metropolitan Nigeria Life Insurance and powered by Etisalat Nigeria to cover the active subscribers of Etisalat Nigeria.This initiative is aimed at creating additional incentive for active Etisalat subscribers by enabling them have access to life insurance in a simple,convenient and seamless manner through their Etisalat mobile device.


9ja4life is a life insurance cover that pays out N100, 000.00 Life benefit in the event of death from any cause-accidental or natural, and payable to the subscriber’s appointed beneficiary. In addition the subscriber is paid free Airtime Bonus up to 10% of total premium paid credited directly to subscriber’s account on a regular basis.Etisalat active prepaid subscribers can register for the product through an SMS platform via free toll short code: 54885.


It is an affordable and convenient way to access life protection plan with your mobile phone on a weekly basis; with just N25/week you enjoy a Life Insurance benefit cover of N100, 000:00 per Etisalat line per week. The payment of the premium is made through airtime deductions, and the subscriber can register and subscribe with up to two Etisalat numbers thus increasing the benefit level to N200, 000.00 combined life cover per week.


9ja4life is the first mobile micro insurance based product in Nigeria that pays out additional benefit through free Airtime bonus credited to subscribers’ account. This product supports the National Insurance Commission’s (NAICOM) Market Development and Restructuring Initiative (MDRI), and other various Government initiatives aimed at achieving financial inclusion especially at the micro level.



N100,00:00 benefit; on the demise of the insured as a result of accident, illness or other causes - N100, 000.00 becomes payable to the named beneficiary or next of kin. Or N200, 000:00 if two lines were used to subscribe.

No medical examination is required.

Free Airtime Bonus

No proposal or application form is required

Simple, quick and efficient claims payment

“No Jargons-No story-Just Cover”


Airtime Bonus

9ja4life pays free Airtime Bonus to members of the scheme which is credited directly to them in form of Airtime. To qualify for this, the subscriber needs to pay 10 consecutive weeks premium and then will receive an airtime rebate equivalent to one week's premium or 10% of total premium paid. The subscriber will not pay for the airtime rebate.


How to Register

Any Etisalat active prepaid subscriber can register for the product through an SMS platform via a free toll short code as follows:

Text “Life” to 54885

Send “Yes” to 54885

Reply with your full name

Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

Beneficiary’s name

Beneficiary’s mobile number

Registration concluded.

Cover incepted

Policy number sent


Claims Process

To initiate a claim, the beneficiary will send an SMS to 54885 free toll/short codes or dial United Metropolitan Nigeria Life Insurance customer service number: 080082263876:

Text “Claim” to 54885 to start process

Payable within 2 working days from receipt of document(s)

Claims payable to named beneficiary only

Efficient and prompt claims settlement 

The beneficiary should visit any of United Metropolitan Nigeria Life Insurance offices or website 


Claims documents required are:

Death certificate

Police report (if death by accident)

Beneficiary ID

Beneficiary  Bank Account

Mobile number of subscriber


Terms and Conditions

Only registered ETISALAT subscribers between ages 18 – 75 years are eligible to join the scheme.

9ja4life provides a weekly Life cover of N100, 000:00 at a premium of N25 per week.

No registration fee or opt out charges is applicable.

Registration can happen anytime during a month.

Should the member change or lose his/her mobile number, the member will have to register as a new member.

No additional person(s) may be insured under same mobile number/policy number not even at an additional premium.

Subscribers can cancel the insurance plan at any time

Subscribers must accept the Terms and Conditions of the product prior to commencement of cover.

The subscriber’s mobile number will serve as the policy number which will be sent to the subscriber by SMS.

Policy starts once a subscriber opts in and the full premium has been deducted successfully from the subscriber’s airtime account, and subscriber accepts the terms and conditions of the service.

The maximum claim benefit is N100, 000:00 per policy/mobile number, subject to a maximum of N200, 000:00 for 2 policies/mobile numbers.

In case an individual registers for the maximum cover of 2 lines (that is a maximum of 2 lines), and N200, 000:00 Sum Assured, the subscriber may use different beneficiaries for each of the two lines insured.

The premium is deducted on a weekly basis at a rate of N25 per week.

There will be an initial waiting period of 30 days, during which only claims arising from accidental cause will be paid.

The Next of Kin / Beneficiary can be changed only once in 30 days. A policy holder has the sole obligation to inform his beneficiary or legal adviser of the existence of the policy.

The subscriber must have sufficient credit balance in their airtime account to fully cover the premium. Where the subscriber’s credit balance is insufficient, the subscriber is notified of not being on cover and will be advised to top-up the line in order to be billed for cover again.

A subscriber who goes for more than 30 consecutive days without paying a premium will have to go through the 1 month waiting period for claims when they finally get back on cover.

Where the subscriber’s credit balance is insufficient to cover the premium at any point in time, the system will attempt subsequently to deduct the premium from a customer credit balance thrice daily for maximum of 90 days after which the subscriber will be automatically opted out of the service and the customer will have to join the service all over again as a new member.

Responsibility lies with the subscriber in the event of phone misuse or fraudulent activity from the subscriber’s MSISDN with respect to the insurance service.

NO Surrender Value or Cash Benefit: This policy does not qualify for surrender value or cash back at any time. The insured shall not be entitled to any cash value if the policy is terminated by the insured any time after commencement.

No medical examination is required.

Suicide and Act contrary To Public Policy: The insurance company shall not be liable to pay the sum assured under the policy if the demise of the insured occurred as a result of suicide or the execution of judicial sentence of death.

Currency and Law: All amounts payable in terms of this scheme, either to or by UBA Metropolitan Life Insurance Limited, are payable in the lawful currency of Nigeria. Any question of law arising under this scheme shall be decided according to the laws of Nigeria.




A) QUESTION: What is 9ja4Life all about?

ANS: It’s a simple life insurance cover that pays a life benefit amount of N100, 000.00 plus additional Airtime bonus upto 10% of premium paid.


B) QUESTION: What is the relationship between Etisalat and United Metropolitan Nigeria Life Insurance as regards 9ja4Life?

ANS: 9ja4life is supported by Etisalat in partnership with UBA Met Life . The purpose of 9ja4life is to create additional value for Etisalat active subscribers.


C) QUESTION: Who is eligible to enroll and what is the cover limit?

ANS: All active Etisalat Subscribers with a minimum entry age of 18years and a maximum age of 75 years of age is eligible to enrol for a maximum benefit of N100, 000.00 life benefit per subscriber, and per Etisalat line, subject to a maximum of N200,000:00 for 2 mobile numbers.


D) QUESTION: Who nominates the named beneficiary?

ANS: It’s the prerogative of the subscriber to nominate who the benefit is paid to on the event of death.


E) QUESTION: Who pays the premium or is it free?

ANS: the product is very affordable, any active Etisalat subscriber that meets the age requirements could register for the product, and pay the premium.


F) QUESTION: What is the premium payable for 9ja4Life?

ANS: the subscriber is charged N25 per week deducted from Airtime.


G) QUESTION: How often do I pay the premiums?

ANS: the subscriber will pay N25 premium on a weekly basis for a cover of N100, 000:00 per week per Etisalat line. The premiums will be deducted from the client’s airtime amount on a weekly basis.


H) QUESTION: What other benefit do I enjoy?

ANS: N100, 000:00 Life cover per week per Etisalat Line, and free Airtime Bonus upto 10% of total premium paid credited directly to your mobile line.


I) QUESTION: When do I get the Bonus Airtime?

ANS: The Bonus Airtime is credited to your line once every 10 weeks provided you have successfully paid for 10 consecutive week’s premium.


J) QUESTION: What do I need to do to get the Bonus Airtime?

ANS: Just continue to pay your weekly premium, and for every Ten (10) weeks premium paid you receive one week premium back as Airtime bonus.


K) QUESTION: Can I register with more than one Etisalat Line?

ANS: YES, you can register with upto two (2) Etisalat lines .This will give you a cumulative Life cover benefit of N200, 000:00 per week at a total premium of N50 per week for the two lines.


L) QUESTION: Can I have more than one Beneficiary?

ANS: You can only have one beneficiary per Etisalat registered number, and for two numbers registered, you can have two beneficiaries; one each for each registered number.


M) QUESTION: What is the enrolment process for 9ja4Life?

ANS: to enroll, simply text LIFE to 54885, registers for the product and agree to Terms /conditions.


N) QUESTION: What details are required for enrolment?

ANS: First Name and Surname, Date of Birth, ID or Passport, Beneficiary First Name and Surname, Beneficiary mobile number.


O) QUESTION: How often do I register?

ANS: The registration is done once. However, for you to remain registered you must ensure the continuous payment of your weekly premium of N25.


P) QUESTION: What happens if I don’t pay my weekly premium?

ANS: You are not covered for the week you have not paid but you will be covered once you resume payment.


Q) QUESTION: How long does it take to process and pay my claim?

ANS: Once you have submitted all the required documents, the claim will be processed and paid within TWO (2) working days.


R) QUESTION: How do I get my claims benefit?

ANS: Your claim benefit will be credited into your bank account as provided.


S) QUESTION: How do I know that my account has been credited?

ANS: You will be notified via SMS at every stage of the claim process and you will receive an sms alert once your account is credited.


T) QUESTION: Can I opt out of the scheme i.e. how do I stop being a member?

ANS: You can stop by simply texting stop to 54885.


U) QUESTION: Can I join again after leaving the scheme?

ANS: YES, you can join the scheme again after stopping by registering again. Simply text life to 54885, and complete the process.


v) QUESTION: What else do I need to know?

ANS :See terms and conditions and visit other parts of our website.

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